Leveraging Technology to Develop Your Leadership Pipeline

image of a classroom, professor or teacher talking to students in lecture hall

Recently the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) came to LeapFox with a challenge. "We would like to offer training to develop our leadership pipeline. The problem is our managers are spread out all over the state of Idaho -- many of them in remote locations."

Training employees who live in different locations is a challenge that many organizations of all size face.  For the USDA, they have traditionally limited offering live training for all managers because it was so expensive to fly everybody to one location. 

Developing a Solution

We worked with the USDA training coordinator to design an affordable Leadership Development training program that all managers could attend live, regardless of how far away they live from headquarters. Here are the steps we followed:

  1. Identify current and potential managers
  2. Survey managers to identify challenges they are having and what training topics might be the best fit
  3. Create a one-year training plan with one course being delivered each month
  4. Deliver a monthly, live training that all remote employees can easily join and participate in

Delivering the Training

About half of the managers for the USDA live in Boise, so we host the class each month at our Meridian training center.  For the remote training delivery software we use Zoom.  We like Zoom because it allows the instructor to see all remote participants at the same time.  In our training room we use a TV to display all of the remote participants to the instructor in real time.  A LeapFox employee works in the room as the remote training moderator.  He runs the camera, helps remote students with any technology challenges, and makes sure the TV is displaying all remote participants properly, etc.  Below is a screenshot of what the instructor sees on the TV screen. 


The Instructors

We have developed a pool of local talent who deliver our Leadership Development training.  The instructor featured on the image on the top of this article is Dave Tester.  He is delivering a course on, "Giving Great Presentations and Public Speaking". There are five USDA employees in the room and seven employees participating remotely.   

How Are You Using Technology?

There are a lot of other ways to use technology in developing your leadership pipeline. We use technology to help with surveying employees, recording the training for other employees to review, developing or purchasing on-demand training. How are you going to leverage technology to train and develop your team?