About QuickBooks

closeup view of a data analyst working on computers, quickbooks concept

Small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the world use QuickBooks software to run their businesses efficiently. Doing “books” in today’s market requires more than accounting knowledge and an eye for detail; it requires relevant computer skills. QuickBooks can save time over other accounting methods by digitizing your books. QuickBooks was launched in the 1980s, but the newer versions are easier and more dynamic. I personally began using QuickBooks 20 years ago and find it easier than ever to keep a company’s books.

As QuickBooks has grown, Intuit, its parent company, has broadened its offerings. There are different versions of QuickBooks for desktop and online users, and there are add-ins to keep your business life more organized. Wouldn’t it be nice to have more time to run the company and spend less time on paperwork, yet still keep cash flowing?

With QuickBooks, you can create and manage:

  • Invoices and sales receipts
  • Bills
  • Inventory
  • Credit cards
  • Reporting
  • Payroll
  • And much more!

QuickBooks is in high demand as more and more companies are looking to hire office workers and bookkeepers with QuickBooks experience. How do you get the experience employers are seeking if you cannot get hired to get that knowledge? LeapFox Learning offers both QuickBooks Desktop and Online version classes each month with qualified instructors. In addition to informative classes with hands-on learning, LeapFox offers mentor labs and on-site certification at our facility in Meridian, Idaho.

Our next QuickBooks Desktop class will be offered during the last week of June and is a two-day course. Seating is limited in order to provide quality instruction. Please call us at 208-898-9036 today to schedule your spot. We look forward to working with you!