About Microsoft SharePoint

man in cluttered office getting smashed by overflow of paper

Once upon a time there was a company that employed amazingly talented people. The company, known as the Talent Company, created incredible content. But there was a problem. Great ideas swirled throughout the building, but everyone filed their ideas in places that only they knew where to find them. Management, wanting to use the amazing content spent hours, even days, looking for filed ideas. Very simply, The Talent Company’s document management system was out of control.  

Does this sound familiar? Does your company create incredible content only to be lost in a sea of email and hard to find files? If so, then Microsoft SharePoint is the answer. SharePoint is exactly what the name implies - a centralized point to share files. SharePoint allows for collaboration, distribution and security ensuring accessibility, integrity, and security. 

Microsoft SharePoint Benefits / Features:

  • Reduce emails (central point of communication)
  • Reduce paper use (virtual documentation)
  • Alerts  (document control)
  • Specific views (only see what you need to see)
  • Organized (hierarchy & metadata fields)
  • Distribution control (granular to global)

* Security (control access)

Now that you’ve decided Microsoft SharePoint is the document management system you need,    LeapFox Learning will help you put it to work. LeapFox Learning will professionally train your staff with the latest tools and techniques empowering your workforce and ensuring that you start seeing benefits immediately . Call us today and let’s get to work!   208–898-9036.