Family portrait of a family, family businessman concept
Anonymous /// November 14, 2019
Here are 15 lessons I've learned in 15 years of running a small business.
woman and man working on computer, developer skills, teaching skills concept
Anonymous /// November 7, 2019
Developers need more than technical skills to be successful. Here are 5 useful non-technical skills devs should have.
Thomas Edison holding his invented lightbulb
Anonymous /// October 31, 2019
We as business leaders, parents, and employees should understand and embrace the idea that failure is not a bad thing--as long as we learn from it.
vector/drawing of a gap, with employees working to cross that gap
Anonymous /// October 24, 2019
A skills gap is a gap between what employers need their employees to do, and what those employees can actually do.
employees at tables, presentation, CompTIA
Anonymous /// October 17, 2019
The new CompTIA Security+ emphasizes hands-on skills, as well as risk management.
Gunner on a trampoline
Anonymous /// October 10, 2019
Sometimes just asking is not enough. Oftentimes you have just grab on to whatever you can reach and pull or guide others in the right direction.
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Anonymous /// October 3, 2019
More and more organizations today have a multi-cloud strategy and are using Microsoft's Azure infrastructure and/or platform services.
wide image of an office environment that runs off cloud technology
Anonymous /// September 26, 2019
Microsoft Azure is an application platform for the public cloud. It offers a range of cloud services, comprising of computing, analytics, storage, and networking
screen capture of Delve
Anonymous /// September 19, 2019
Delve allows you to view what your colleagues are doing and gives you a place to easily access documents you have been working on.
group of coworkers in meeting, presentation about Microsoft Office 365
Anonymous /// September 12, 2019
We review a great majority of the available Office 365 services, apps, and features, and gain a better understanding of how and why they're used.