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QuickBooks makes small business accounting easy!

Live instructor-led QuickBooks classes in Boise will help you learn QuickBooks skills to make you fast, accurate, and able to pull a report that instantly gives you financial data you need to make decisions.

Learn to create invoices, pay bills & track profitability in a live 2-day class in Boise, Idaho at LeapFox Learning.  This 2-day course retails at $650.  The price includes 2 full days of training, video, manual, and unlimited FREE bounce back pass to take the class as many times as you would like.  LeapFox Learning is an Authorized Intuit QuickBooks Testing Center.  You can attend class and take your exam all at the same location!  Exam sold separately.  QuickBooks training Boise, Idaho.

For dates and pricing visit our new site www.leapfox.net.  

Puchase this 2-day course for only $500.  Register with the red button or call 898-9036.

I had no bookkeeping or QuickBooks experience when I enrolled, your instructor was very knowledgeable about the program and very willing to answer our questions and review areas that took some of us longer to comprehend.

Bruce A., Boise

QuickBooks Day 1

  • Getting started, setting up your company using the Easy Step Interview
  • Navigating QuickBooks so you can find what you are looking for quickly and complete tasks efficiently
  • Accounting basics so you understand what is going on behind the scenes in QuickBooks and where your money is at all times
  • Setting up lists so you can efficiently and quickly use QuickBooks to perform everyday accounting and customer management tasks
  • Entering and paying bills so you never have late or missed payments again
  • Setting up bank accounts so you can keep track of all your money and assets
  • Track inventory so you know exactly how much of everything you have
  • Creating invoices and receipts so you get customers billed on time every time.  Learn to send invoices and receipts via email
  • Making bankdeposits the easy way--save time, make less mistakes

“My instructor was great! They were comprehensive and answered all my questions.”

Clint A., Boise

QuickBooks Day 2

  • Payroll, find out how to do payroll like a pro--even if you aren't one
  • Estimating, time tracking, job costing. Learn to track profitability per employee and per job
  • Easily create estimates and convert those estimates to real invoices
  • Memorize Transactions to save time and increase accuracy
  • Use other QuickBooks accounts Learn to work with credit card transactions, fixed assets, and long term liability accounts
  • Sales Tax. You will learn to use QuickBooks to track, report, and pay sales tax on time and 100% accurately
  • Customize forms so your business looks 100% professional and unique
  • Reports and graphs so you always know exactly how your business is really doing. Don't leave anything to chance. Information is power!
  • Write letters and create easy-to-use templates for automating communication
  • Share Files with your accountant easily and quickly
  • Online Banking, Set up online banking and learn to download your bank account transactions effortlessly

QuickBooks Online Day 1

Get started using QuickBooks online. In this course you will set up your QB Online file and use it to create all the basic small business accounting transactions—invoices, sales receipts, credit memos, payments, credits, estimates. We will cover “Accounting 101” basics so you are up to speed on what is happening behind the scenes: cash vs accrual, general journal entries, financial statements. Learn how to record expenses using checks and debit/credit cards.  Learn to use online banking to save time reconciling your accounts.  

QuickBooks Online Day 2

In this one-day course you will learn to set up and pay your employees.  Create, edit, and customize reports.  Save time by learning keyboard shortcuts and reoccurring transactions.  We cover basic accounting tasks so you can work seamlessly with your accountant.  Completely customize your QuickBooks environment with custom invoices including your logo and custom field forms.  Advanced functions such as inventory, purchase orders, taxes.