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Adobe Acrobat, Live Classes in Boise

PDF (Portable Document Format) is today's standard format for document distribution. And the application that makes it possible to create PDF files from almost any program is Adobe Acrobat. LeapFox Learning teaches live Acrobat courses in Boise, Idaho.  Students will learn the power of the Portable Document Format. Taking advantage of the functionality and features available in Acrobat, students will ensure the integrity of electronic documents for any viewer, on any devices, or operating systems.

Adobe Acrobat Training Boise Idaho

Acrobat Level 1

  • The Acrobat environment and advanced navigation
  • Finding text
  • Organizing PDF documents
  • Getting help and setting preferences
  • Creating PDF documents
  • Modifying PDF documents and content
  • Moving PDF content to other programs
  • Adding multimedia
  • Working with bookmarks and links
  • PDF Accessible documents
  • Document security (password protection, digital signatures,  encryption and certificate security policies
  • Document review techniques

acrobat Level 2

  • Generating high-quality PDFs
  • PDF file attributes, settings, and Geospatial data
  • Color management (workflow, sort proofing colors, converting colors)
  • Color separations
  • Ink Manager and trapping
  • Transparency flattening
  • Printing color separations
  • Preflight and validation
  • Forms and LiveCycle Designer ES
  • Creating and modifying a form
  • Working with form fields
  • PDF distribution and management