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Use Visio to create diagrams that communicate effectively

Learn how to use stencils, scale and resize objects, draw basic shapes and compound lines, and arrange objects. Also learn how to create diagrams, work with text, apply formatting, work with background pages, and set file and print properties. Finally, create network and brainstorming diagrams, set shape properties, and create reports.

Visio 1

  • The Visio 2010 interface
  • Windows, stencils, and objects
  • Drawing tools (basic shapes and lines, compound lines, and editing objects
  • Planning and Creating a Diagram
  • Working with text
  • Organization charts
  • Formatting drawings, text, shapes and lines
  • Working with pages
  • File and print properties
  • Working with background pages and links
  • Network and brainstorming and rack diagrams
  • Customization and reporting
  • Layout and connection techniques
  • Shape properties
  • Reporting


Visio Level 2

  • Creat a custom shape
  • Design a custom stencil
  • Designing styles and templates
  • Designing a floor plan
  • Representing external data in Vsio
  • Sharing your drawings