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Live, Hands-On PhotoShop Classes in Boise, Idaho
Whether you're simply retouching a photograph or building complex composites or animations, Adobe Photoshop gives you the power and precision you need to quickly achieve superior results.  Our courses cover this monster application from the basic concepts through very advanced concepts and skills. 

Classes offered Monthly.  To see our schedule of upcoming classes, check out our course catalog.   


Classroom-Style and Remote Live Courses Available
At LeapFox you have two choices for Adobe Photoshop training:

Classroom Live.  Our classrom-style training is offered at our Meridian training center.  These instructor-in-the same room courses are offered every 4-8 weeks.

Remote Live.  Take our Remote Live training from virtually anywhere.  The courses are live and hosted by a certified instrutor remotely.  Students have the choice of taking the class at their home, office, or at our training center in one of our remote live training rooms. 

For dates and pricing visit our new site www.leapfox.net.  To see upcoming dates and prices click the image below.  To register call our office at 208.898.9036



Learn by Doing
In our Photoshop Courses you will learn Photoshop by completing a series of Real World projects. Each project is designed to show you how Photoshop is used in a real production environment.

Private Group Training Available.
LeapFox offers private group training.  Each training will be completely customized to the needs of your organization.



PhotoShop Level 1

  • Image copyrights
  • Digital images
  • Working with image selections
  • Create and modify layers
  • Adjusting images
  • Retouching images (repair defects, remove areas, painting and using filters)
  • Resizing images
  • Preparing finished images for the web or printing

“LeapFox was able to tailor this program to suit my specific needs- great job and I will be coming back!”

Robyn W., Boise

PhotoShop Level 2

  • Fills,  gradients, and overlays
  • Masks
  • Creating  and editing vector paths and masks
  • Creative image effects (painting and warping)
  • Efficient compositing and vanishing Point
  • Smart Filters
  • Automating tasks
  • Batch processing
  • Customizing Photoshop