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Leapfox Online Live Training

Expert Instructors
We have all had instructors/teachers/mentors in our lives who have made a difference.  The instructors who teach our online live classes are experts in their diverse technical disciplines; they have a goal of making a difference in your life.  Our instructors have years of practical and classroom training experience. 

Hands-on, Interactive Learning
Our online classes are hands on.  Our basic classroom and online live approach to teaching is the following:
1. Instructor explains new concept
2. Instructor demonstrates the concept or skill
3. Students do an exercise
4. Instructor reviews solution and provides detail as needed.
5. Repeat

Our online live set up allows the instructor to see your computer so he/she can provide one-on-one assistance to help you fully understand the material. 

You have two options for taking your class:

  1. LeapFox Learning Lab.  This is a great option if you want to get away from the office or don't have a reliable computer or Internet connection at home.  The computers in our shared learning lab have two monitors, Microsoft Office, up to date browsers, and a fast Internet connection.  We charge $50/day additional to take your online class at our learning lab. 
  2. Your home, office, or another location.

High Quality Manual
Each of our online courses comes with a high quality printed manual you can use for reference after the class. 

Bounce Back Pass
Each of our online live courses comes with an unlimited course bounce back pass.  This means you can take the same course over again as many times as it takes to fully understand and implement the material.  This is a huge benefit and not something offered by most online live training companies. 

Class Headset
Each of our online classes includes a high quality headset. 


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are going to love your training experience.  If you are not completely satisfied, we will give you credit towards another course or a full refund--at your discretion.  The only requirement is that you must complete the class set up ahead of time to ensure your computer is ready for the class.  You do your part and we'll do our part.



LeapFox VS Other Online Live Training Companies

 LeapFox Learning Online LiveOther Companies Online Live
Overall ExperienceThe only students in class are those who are connecting live online.  The class is designed and structured exclusively for online deliveryMost students in the class are at a physical location.  The training facility has developed a method to enable distance students to participate online in what is primarily and onsite class. 
Class sizes

Class sizes are small--typically between 2-6 students allowing for a lot of interaction between students and trainers.

Classes tend to have higher attendance numbers with some students in the onsite classroom and some students viewing an online video feed
Class Format

The instructor is working closely with you at all times.  Follow along as the trainer shares his or her desktop and explains concepts.  Then complete an exercise on your own computer.  Then, review the exercise with the trainer. 

With small class size, trainers are able to ensure that everyone fully understands the exercises.  Trainers have time to walk you through exercises, discuss solutions, and answer your questions.  if you have a question or need help, you can easily share your computer screen with the instructor

The instructor presentation is a live video feed from the onsite classroom. Students participate by viewing slides, whiteboards, and practicing with concepts.

The larger class size and need to work with both onsite and online students can make it challenging for the instructor to ensure that everyone understands and completes the exercises.

Participation and AssistanceUsing our provided headset, you can listen to and speak with your trainer at all times, so getting involved is really easy. Simply ask a question using your microphone. If you prefer to submit questions or comments to your trainer via chat, you can do that too.

With your permission, your instructor will be able to see your screen to guide you through the lesson.
With most other instructor-led online options, you can speak out loud using speakerphone, or share your work with the trainer

1. Large class sizes can make it especially difficult for distance learners to participate.

2. The trainer is apt to be especially focused on the students in the room with him or her. It is what he or she is used to and it's human nature to focus on what is right in front of us.

RetakeUnlimited retakes!  Come back and participate fully.Most other options classes do not have an unlimited retake policy.

Some of our courses are delivered by

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