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How do classes in the Mentor Lab work?

In the Mentor Lab, students have access to video based training and live Microsoft Certified Trainers to work through classes at their own speed.  The Mentor Lab is a great place for those who feel public classes are too fast-paced, leaving them feeling rushed and overwhelmed.  The Mentor Lab is especially helpful for those who are new to computers or who need extra practice and reinforcement. 

Students who are eager and want to skip ahead and hurry through class also do very well in the Mentor Lab.  They are able to set their own comfortable pace for learning. 

Will the Mentor Lab help me prepare for certification exams?

In the Mentor Lab each student is assigned a mentor to help prepare the student for their exam.  The Mentor Lab includes the following benefits:

  • Skill sets are assessed prior to training to set attainable goals
  • Training on average is 17 hours per class title versus the traditional 6 hours per class title
  • Custom learning plans are built to help students accomplish their objectives in a timely manner
  • Homework and assignments are given and graded to hold students accountable for their own progress
  • Regular individual assessments are given to identify misunderstanding and reteach correct principles
  • Post-assessments prove progress and inspire confidence 
  • Practical projects allow students to learn by doing rather than just listening
  • Job readiness is tracked and assessed on an individual basis

What kind of classes can I take in the Mentor Lab?





Acrobat DreamWeaverInDesignPhotoshop



Visual Studio.Net



Information Sec CEHCisco







Security+QuickBooksCrystal ReportsPMP





The LeapFox Learning Mentor Lab is open several days a week which makes scheduling a breeze.