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Learning Methods

We provide training in variety of formats to meet the needs of every student’s unique learning style and life circumstances. Here are a few of the more popular methods.

Instructor Led Classroom
Students attend class at LeapFox Learning with a live, in-the-same room instructor.  Classes include direct instruction and hands-on activities.  Class size varies from 1-12 students.  Our teachers are trained in classroom management and are able to read students to ensure they are following the class.  Additionally, teachers are able to walk around the room during labs and watch over students to ensure correct practicing of a skill and to help catch errors or before frustration sets in.

Mentor Lab
Students attend Mentor Lab sessions at LeapFox Learning with a live- in-the same-room mentor.  Students are given daily assignments that review curriculum, extend topics, and prepare students for exams.  Mentor lab class sizes are small and have a max of four students.  Students are given daily assignments and held accountable to the mentor.  Mentor will administer practice tests and help gauge student's readiness to take the actual certification exam.   Schedule: Students will be assigned a day and time with the correct subject matter expert. 

Online Live
Students attend class at LeapFox Learning or at home with a live, online instructor.  Classes will include direct instruction as well as hands-on activities.  Students are able to ask instructor questions and participate in discussion via chat.  Online live allows us to offer high-level classes with only one or two participating students from our state.  Classes are offered frequently; every week in most cases.  Class size varies from 1-18 students.

Learning Lab
Students attend the Learning Lab to reinforce principals taught in class.  This is a self-guided and self-paced environment.  Students are given the tools and materials to study but are not required to attend or held accountable to a mentor.  Class size varies from 1-12 students.  Our learning lab is the perfect opportunity for students to review, explore, practice, create, and master the material they learned in class.