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 Download Our Current Career Catalog

Download the 2018 Career Catalog (PDF)
Our 2018 Career TrainingCatalog is now available for download.  We have many technology-related career paths to choose from.  Each career path is completely customizable to fit the needs of your student.  If you have questions, call our office at 898-9036 and ask to speak with our Career Education Specialist. 


Four Reasons Counselors Love LeapFoxDesigned by an Educator

All of our Career Training Packages were designed by a professional Educator.  Codi Galloway, our Education Director, has a Bachelors Degree in Education from BYU.  Codi taught for five years in our public education system.  Before becoming a teacher, Codi put herself through school by coaching competitive gymnastics.  Codi has used her schooling and experience in designing our various career training packages.   Our career training programs are not a string of random classes that happen to be running and are convenient to stick in a proposal.  Rather our training program is designed from beginning to end with the student experience in mind.  Wherever possible Codi has designed our programs to have a healthy of mix of live public learning, private mentoring, and go-at-your own pace review and exploration.

Mentor Lab
The LeapFox Mentor Lab, was designed specifically for students who are going to achieve a certification.  In the Mentor Lab students will work with a subject matter expert who will administer practice exercises, practice tests, monitor progress, and gauge readiness to take the certification exam.  Students who have attend our Mentor Lab are 4 times more likely to pass the exam on their first attempt than students who take a course alone.

Timely and Helpful Student Reporting
Counselors working with LeapFox love our timely and helpful student progress reports.  When you are working with a student attending LeapFox, you will receive helpful and informative progress reports designed to keep you in the loop on how our taxpayer dollars are being spent.  

Family Owned Business
LeapFox is a family-owned business.  LeapFox is Idaho’s only privately owned, non franchised Microsoft Learning Partner.  The company is owned by Scott and Codi Galloway who were raised in Boise.  Every dollar earned by LeapFox goes back into our local community—not into franchise headquarters in another state.  Scott and Codi believe in honesty, integrity, and fairness when dealing with employees, vendors, and partners.

 What is better? completion or certification?Certifications are definitely more valuable on a resume because they prove a skill set has been mastered. This can be especially important to those who lack experience and need evidence of ability.

Course Completion does not present as strongly on a resume, but paired with relevant experience, the official certification becomes less relevant.

Certifications are difficult; they require study and exams. They take more time to accomplish. Some students choose to spend their time and money in a more focused manner and go for the certification. Other students choose to spend their time and money more broadly and get exposure to a bigger variety of classes but with less depth.

LeapFox can accommodate students on either path successfully.
 What is the difference between “class completion” and “certification?”Class Completion:
Every student who attends class at LeapFox Learning will earn a certificate of completion. This verifies they attended class and have practiced all class objectives. Job Seekers can list this accomplishment on their resume in the following ways:

  Competent in Word and Excel                                  April, 2013
  Completed training in Word and Excel                       April, 2013
  Earned Certificate of Completion in Word and Excel   April, 2013

Many students decide to take things to the next level and take a certification exam. Theses exams are vendor specific and universally accepted as reliable measures of competence. Passing an exam requires additional study, exam practice, and time. Job Seekers can list these formal certifications and include the authorized logo on their resume.

  Certified Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel 2010     April 2013
 How Are your Classes Delivered?We provide training in variety of formats to meet the needs of every student’s unique learning style and life circumstances. Here are a few of the more popular methods.

Instructor Led Classroom
Students attend class at LeapFox Learning with a live, in-the-same room instructor.  Classes include direct instruction and hands-on activities.  Class size varies from 1-12 students.  Our teachers are trained in classroom management and are able to read students to ensure they are following the class.  Additionally, teachers are able to walk around the room during labs and watch over students to ensure correct practicing of a skill and to help catch errors or before frustration sets in. 

Mentor Lab
Students attend Mentor Lab sessions at LeapFox Learning with a live- in-the same-room mentor.  Students are given daily assignments that review curriculum, extend topics, and prepare students for exams.  Mentor lab class sizes are small and have a max of four students.  Students are given daily assignments and held accountable to the mentor.  Mentor will administer practice tests and help gauge student's readiness to take the actual certification exam.   Schedule: Students will be assigned a day and time with the correct subject matter expert.  Generally students will be scheduled two 3-hour sessions per week.  Sessions run 9:30-12:30, 1:30-4:30, or 5:00-8:00 PM on Tuesday  & Thursday.

Online Live
Students attend class at LeapFox Learning or at home with a live, online instructor.  Classes will include direct instruction as well as hands-on activities.  Students are able to ask instructor questions and participate in discussion via chat.  Online live allows us to offer high-level classes with only one or two participating students from our state.  Classes are offered frequently; every week in most cases.  Class size varies from 1-18 students.

Learning Lab
Students attend the Learning Lab to reinforce principals taught in class.  This is a self-guided and self-paced environment.  Students are given the tools and materials to study but are not required to attend or held accountable to a mentor.  Class size varies from 1-12 students.  Our learning lab is the perfect opportunity for students to review, explore, practice, create, and master the material they learned in class.   Schedule: Learning Lab is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s from 9:30-12:30 or 1:30-4:30. Students will be assigned a morning or afternoon session.

 How does LeapFox Monitor Student Progress?New Students have an orientation meeting before their program starts. They are introduced to the facility, staff, and most importantly—learning expectations. After we set the stage we monitor progress though daily evaluation forms, weekly track meetings, and monthly reports to counselors.

Our students in the Mentor Lab have even closer monitoring. They are assigned a mentor who gives daily assignments, grades quizzes and tests, and completes a daily progress report. The Mentor Lab is an ideal place for students who need extra attention and accountability.
If you have questions about our career training programs, please contact:

Codi Galloway
Education Director
(208) 898-9036