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Are You Thinking About Earning a CompTIA Certification?

CompTIA is the worlds leading vendor neutral computer certification program. If you want to get a certification that is widely accepted and respected, CompTIA is the certification for you.

 What CompTIA certification should I get?CompTIA A+
If you are just starting out in the IT industry, then the CompTIA A+ certification is probably right for you. CompTIA A+ certification is designed to demonstrate competency as a computer technician. It covers topics such as installation, preventative maintenance, networking, security and troubleshooting. The exam is also vendor neutral and internationally accepted, so many employers see it as credible evidence of your ability to work with computers. The A+ certification is a stepping stone to more advanced CompTIA certifications, so if you are just starting out in the information technology industry, it's a must have.

CompTIA Network+
Another important CompTIA certification is CompTIA Network+. This certification exhibits competence in managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing, and configuring computer network infrastructures. This is especially important for companies with large computer networks connecting hundreds of employees. There is consistent demand for IT networking professionals, so getting your CompTIA Network+ certification is a good next step after you complete your A+ certification.

CompTIA Security+
For people more interested in an important and up and coming field, CompTIA Security+ certification is the way to go. This certification proves your ability to manage system security, network infrastructure, and organizational security. Computer security threats are increasing in number and severity, so this certification is in high demand among employers in the business, healthcare, and government sectors. Pursuing a CompTIA Security+ certification is bound to ensure job security for years to come.
 Why Certify? Advice from someone who certified at LeapFox in Boise, IdahoBefore I attended LeapFox….. 
“I had been trying to get started in the IT field with no certifications but kept finding basic certifications as a requirement for employment even in the simplest of jobs.”

After training at LeapFox….
“I found just how easy the basic certifications could be. I had a great instructor who knew the material and was interested in my success and his role in my goals. I am now on the right track to a career in the growing IT field.”
Doug M., A+ Graduate LeapFox Learning Boise

“I learned so much from this course- I feel I have the knowledge required to pass the exam. Your facility is great- I will be back for more training.” 
Stacy, Mountain Home
 Why Certify? The Numbers Prove IT Certifications Will Enhance Your CareerIT professionals gain an average 9 percent salary increase immediately after receiving certification, and 29 percent over the long term, versus peers who are not certified. (CompTIA, Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification, Jan 2011)

Eighty-five percent of IT hiring managers consider IT certification a medium to high priority when hiring for IT positions. (CompTIA, Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification, Jan 2011)

Forecast through 2018: IT employment is expected to grow much faster than the average for all occupations, and job prospects should be excellent. (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook, March 2011)
 Why Certify? 5 Good Reasons A Certification will Make You Happy1.  Certifications provide job security so you can stay where you are or move up and move on!
2.  To earn the responsibilities and respect from those you work for and with
3.  To earn more money so you can relax, go on vacation, get out of debt, or save for the future
4.  IT Certifications give you the confidence and skills you need to slay IT projects
5.  Learning is FUN!
 Why train at LeapFox instead of another training Center?LeapFox Learning is a sister-company to Quick Computer Services www.quickboise.com which is a full service IT management firm. There is no company in Idaho better positioned to teach the CompTIa curriculum than a business that runs a full service desktop computer repair shop and manages hundreds of servers for other businesses,.  We have a technical lab set up where you can practice the skills you learn in class in a real working envrioment.  You will learn theory in class and apply your new skill on desktops, servers, routers and switches in an authentic environment right here in Boise, Idaho.