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What careers do you train for?
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QuickBooks Certification
Bookkeepers, AP Clerks, Billing Admins, Payroll Specialists, etc.
$15.48/ hour average pay according to the Idaho SIC Wage Report 43-3031

Office Professional
Executive Assistant, Customer Service Representative, Office Manager, Admin Assistant
$18.30/ hour average pay according the Idaho SIC Wage report

Computer Support Technician
PC Repair, Help Desk, Technology Specialist, Network Admin, etc.
$19.36/ hour average pay according to the Idaho SIC Wage Report 15-1150

Networking Specialist
Networking Admin, IT Support, Server Security,  Server Admin
$28.70/ hour average pay according to the Idaho SIC Wage Report  15-1179

Web Design/ Development
Graphic Design, Web Design, Desktop Publisher, Digital Image Specialist, Layout Design, App Developer
$18.06 or $33.12/ hour

Database Administrator
Database Admin, SQL Coder, Relational Database Writer, etc.
$33.53/ hour average pay according the Idaho SIC Wage Report  15-1141

What if I don’t see a program that meets my needs?At LeapFox Learning in Boise, Idaho we teach over 500 different classes in a variety of subjects and levels. Our most popular programs are listed above, but we customize and create programs unique to individual students every day. View our schedule or call 898-9036 for more information on something you don’t see listed.
How do you determine the classes that are part of each career track?Each career track has many classes and exams at a variety of levels. Depending on student work experience, current certifications earned, and a pre-assessment given at LeapFox, we can determine the best place to start an individual.

For example, a person who has never worked in technology but is changing careers and desires a career in the IT field will start with a MTA or CompTIia Networking course. MTA is the very first level of IT certification. On the other hand, a student who had worked for years as a Database Administrator would skip the MTA level courses and go to the MCSA level of study. In each LeapFox career track, there are several rungs on the ladder.
What is the difference between “class completion” and “certification?”Certification: Many students decide to take their education to the next level by taking the class and the exam. Theses exams are vendor specific and universally accepted as reliable measures of competence. Passing an exam requires additional study, exam practice, and time.  Job Seekers can list these formal certifications and include the authorized logo on their resume. Certifications are definitely more valuable on a resume because they prove a skill set has been mastered. This can be especially important to those who lack experience and need evidence of ability.  You can learn more about Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) by calling our office at 898-9036.

Class Completion: Every student who attends class at LeapFox Learning will earn a certificate of completion. This verifies they attended class and have practiced all class objectives. When compared with certification, course completion does not present as strongly on a resume, but paired with relevant experience, the official certification becomes less relevant. Job Seekers can list this class completeion on their resume in the following ways:

Competent in Word and Excel April, 2013
Completed training in Word and Excel April, 2013
Earned Certificate of Completion in Word and Excel April, 2013

Certifications are difficult; they require study and exams. They take more time to accomplish. Some students choose to spend their time and money in a more focused manner and go for the certification. Other students choose to spend their time and money more broadly and get exposure to a bigger variety of classes but with less depth. LeapFox can accommodate students on either path successfully.
What kind of students come to LeapFox?We best serve students who come to us having lost confidence, hope, and are nervous about learning. We love to see the growth that happens when students begin to see doors open because of their dedication to education. Here are a few students who have recently graduated:

“Before I attended LeapFox….I received a job offer that I knew would require me to be proficient in most MS office programs. It was a scary thought knowing that because I had not used much of the programs for many years. So I figured I would take a class to relearn if and or brush up on how they worked now a days. After training at LeapFox….Much to my surprise most of the information came flooding back into my brain, the bonus was learning how much quicker and easier it was to use the programs. To top it off, I learned a lot of new useful tools and techniques that will serve me well in my new job.”
Kathy S., Boise—Quality Assurance Specialist

“I realized that my computer skills were limited and I needed to improve these skills to qualify for many of the job postings I saw listed. Many of these job postings required advanced Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SQL, and Access. After training at LeapFox I improved my Excel skills and acquired my Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. I took classes in Access, SQL, and QuickBooks. I have really enjoyed the classes and the instructors are very knowledgeable, and the staff is very helpful. These classes have given me the desire to continue improving my computer skills, and now I plan on obtaining my Microsoft Office Suite Master Certification."
Brain B., Boise—Microsoft Office Specialist