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Tue, 2017-08-01 06:22 -- scott

Seven years ago I owned a successful computer repair business.  One day I received a phone call from a young man who introduced himself as Sergio.  Sergio told me he was interested in working in the computer repair field.  He wanted to know if I would be interested in allowing him to work at my business for a month for no wage so he could learn about the industry.

It’s hard to say no to somebody who a) wants to work for free and b) takes the initiative to get the owner on the phone.  I agreed and soon Sergio was working as an official intern at my office.

Sergio was totally green and didn’t know much about computers.  But he was anxious to learn and willing to work.  He worked in the repair shop most of the time where he learned the basics of how to replace power supplies, format hard drives, remove viruses, and all the other essential skills technicians need to know.  Eventually we allowed him to accompany the experienced technicians to onsite appointments at businesses and in homes.    A month went by quickly and Sergio learned a lot.  I decided to create a paid part time position for Sergio so he could continue to learn and grow.  He had a long way to go as a technician, but he had proved himself as a hard worker and loyal employee so I was more than happy to help him become a member of the team.

During the next few years Sergio would continue to learn and grow with on the job training.  He also went back to school so he could receive a formal technical education.  Sergio soon became the most requested and trusted onsite technician at my company. 

Sergio Galvez
Computer and Network Wizard
Family Man
One of my best hires ever

I sold Quick Computer Services two and half years ago.  I still drop by every month to visit the business and see how things are going.  Last month I ran into Sergio.  He is the head computer tech and has been rewarded with a profit-sharing position in the company.  I am very happy for him and his great career.

Lessons job seekers can learn from Sergio:

  1. Be willing to work for a short period of time for little or no pay.   Internships and apprenticeships are great opportunities for workers to learn valuable trade skills.  If you show that you are willing to work hard, employers will want you on their team.  Be patient, learn the skills of the trade, and you will become a valuable asset.   
  2. Small business matters.  In fact, small business accounts for over 50% of the workforce.  Too many times job seekers focus on the big companies.  But it’s important to remember that half of the jobs in America are with small businesses—and 95% of small businesses out there have 10 employees or less.    
  3. Be brave.  It takes guts to pick up the phone and call a business owner to ask for an internship.  But it works!  Be brave and get out of your comfort zone.  You will impress the business owner or hiring manager.

Scott Galloway
Program Director
LeapFox Learning