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Thu, 2017-06-15 08:21 -- scott

Title:  Hacking with Windows Powershell Webinar

Description:  We all love scripting right? Well ok, some do not but Microsoft Powershell sure makes internal pen testing easier. During this session, you will learn a little about Powershell itself and then we will learn a few techniques we can use to gather information about our Windows targets, including writing a script we can take with us. Come and enjoy the fun as we dig deeper!

Audience: Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers, Cyber Security Pros

Date: June 27
Time: 10 am MST

About the Speaker
Duane Anderson is an expert trainer and consultant.  He has two decades of experience in the IT industry.  He has consulted with fortune 500 companies, most US military branches, foreign military agencies, as well as banking and regulation industries.  Duane is a founder of RAZR Technologies and has authored many security and virtualization courses.  Duane currently holds the following certifications: VCP, R|CVE, R|CVA-V, R|CVSE, R|CVSS-V, R|CCE, R|CCS-V, R|CCSE, R|CCSS-V Security+, CPTE, CPTC, CDFE, CISSO, CEH, RAZR Technologies Certified Instructor and Mile2 Certified Instructor.


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